In early 2011, KC and I decided to co-own a puppy. Since this was KC’s first puppy of his own, we searched many breeds to find one that would fit his life style. KC loves the outdoors and wanted a large breed female. I did a lot of research and came upon the Hovawart. I found a breeder that had raised Hovawarts for many years and had a Black Female puppy we bought. Love at first sight.

We joined the Hovawart Club of North America. This club is dedicated to preserving the breed by matching the right male with the right female. I raised German Shepherds for 18 years; so KC was well aware of the devotion and dedication to raising and training of a puppy by watching me. Dali became his dog and they are inseparable. She is well trained and loves people, other animals, kids, life.

The High Desert Hovawart kennel is approved and is part of the Hovawart Club of North America (HCNA). This litter has also been approved and registered with the HCNA. For more information on this club, please visit their website

Dali (Dam) and Aaron (Sire) Gallery

In 2014 KC entered Dali in the HCNA Fall 2014 confirmation/temperament show in Savie Island, Oregon. She ended up winning Best in Temperament and Best in Show! We are excited about this breeding with Aaron Vom Obstgarten Weg. HCNA #12-287. Hips excellent, elbows normal. Visit the Hovawart Club of North America website